Over the past 16 years, I had removable denture. Recently, while I was searching for the best dental cares due to the ones was broke.

I called them finally got same day appointment on Dec 28, 2011. Met with the dentists both female and male, both take time explained things and recommend me what it needs to be done in my mouth including price before they can do anything with my mouth. I got a price quote and did not feel like I want to spend over $7,000, so I told them that I was going to replace a removable denture instead, after that the female dentist acts unprofessional/attitude completely and told me to come back in one week for my new denture. Today, is my appointment and my new denture totally unfitted and unshaped, my old ones look and feel much better and its fit perfectly.

I told her it's did not fit, she immediately says that the removable denture is not supposed to be perfect and that is all they can do for me. I did not pay $ 500 for this crab dentists attitude/unprofessional. Oh I forgot my removable denture is on teeth # 7 and 8, so she told me it's not supposed to look perfect….

She said I am picky about it, she got up and walked away and schedules me in 2 weeks to talk to lap person who designs my denture. Not only that, I said if I am not going to get a new one I will have to cancel the transaction she said I can't do that.

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Yea they got me for 11,000.00 now they refuse to fix anything. I learned the hard way


I am a current patient at Dental Health Experts. The Doctors as well as the staff are awesome!!

I was greated by the front desk lady Candie, was taken back by one of their assistants Karen and was treated like I was part of the family.

If this is the way you want to be treated I highly suggest this office to everyone!! :)


Whoever got their refund can you contact me I'm going thru the same bs as we speak please contact me cooterman@hpeprint.com and that goes directly to my printer please I could use the help ???


How to remove complain for dentis health experts? Talked to the desntist today, he is willing to refund me the money.

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to Anchalee Land O Lakes, Florida, United States #1179812

Tried that they just quite answering my calls. Got 11000.00 from me and I got a mouthful of junk.

Plus everything they did has fallen out and don't fit. Problem is no one will fix there work only replace it. They did a root canal and did not seal it and I got a real bad infection.

Stay away. Kyle Graley

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